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Law Firm Management Consulting

Law Firm Management Consulting Services

Strategic Positioning / Growth Strategies

Our process is driven by mapping firm positions to relevant market data and assessing what is needed to best achieve the firm’s strategic objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We bring unbiased wisdom to potential combinations based on our deep track record and unmatched financial acumen in this area.

Partner Compensation Systems

We understand the stresses associated with credit attribution, the critical need to promote teamwork and collaboration and the challenges associated with promoting and rewarding succession planning.

Earnings Improvement Programs and Financial Reporting Practices

We help firms implement practices to modify partner behavior and heighten partners' financial awareness - with a result of enhanced firm earnings.

Partner Unfunded Retirement Plans

We have closed and/or modified plans in firms ranging from those with active founders to large firms with hundreds of partners.

Leadership Succession and Governance Structures

There are best practices in the industry, but the governance structure in any firm needs to be a cultural fit and be supported by the partners.

Partnership Structures and Lawyer Career Paths

We have worked with firms of all sizes on this important topic. Appropriately developing and retaining the future leaders of the firm remains the primary goal.

Partner Succession / Client Continuity

Preserving the firm’s crown jewel clients is paramount to the firm’s future platform strength and security.

Other Services

We stay abreast of issues that would be of concern to the firm chair or an executive committee.